And So The War Rages On…


Two weeks ago we celebrated (at least you did if you see women as fully equal and autonomous human beings with full ownership of their own respective bodies) the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. I had hoped to have had this posted sooner, alas time was in short supply but here it is…

On January 22, 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled, 7-2, that one’s right to privacy under the the due process clause of the 14th Amendment protected a woman’s right to own her own body and to make decisions for herself concerning abortion. It was a momentous and profoundly important ruling in which women, who had for so long been denied the right of full autonomy under US law, were finally able to freely choose our own paths. It was supposed to mean the beginning of a new era, one in which women could finally be valued as fully human and protected as the citizens that we are, and not be merely relegated to the domestic sphere as prized heifers to bear and raise a brood of children to carry on a man’s last name. It was supposed to end the fight over our bodies and break the yoke of patriarchy and misogyny because finally we women were free to decide…

Sadly, it has not been as it was supposed to be. No. Here we are, forty years later and the fight to break the yoke and claim our autonomy still rages on as wanna-be-kings-of-the-world try at every turn to strip women of our hard won rights. In a number of states all across this nation measures are being taken to grant personhood to fetuses and thereby once again make the rights of the woman secondary. For example, the state legislature in North Dakota has introduced resolution 4009 to add an amendment to the state’s constitution that would grant the same rights to a potential person as is already guaranteed to a fully developed, already born, actual person. If passed, this amendment, known as the  “Human Life Amendment,” will effectively ban abortion, IVF, and most forms of birth control. And in Tennessee the legislature will introduce a resolution to the 2014 ballot that will, if passed, eliminate provisions in that state’s constitution that protect a woman’s right to privacy.

It is unfathomable to me how anyone who clearly views women, who happen to make up more than half of the nation’s population, as secondary to not only men but to a clump of cells that may or may not become a viable fetus that may or may not become a person can be allowed to make laws that will have such a profound and detrimental impact on the lives of said women. I honestly cannot, no matter how hard I try, wrap my mind around that fact that right now, in this day and age when humanity is capable of such fantastic feats as curing diseases that once decimated populations and as exploring the far reaches of space, women are still fighting against the misogyny and the patriarchy that has held us back for thousands of years. For crying-out-fucking-loud it’s the 21st-goddamned-century, people! Enough is enough! This is not the stone age and we no longer live in caves. Put down your damned clubs and come join us in the land of the civilized, where the already born take precedence over the yet to be. Let us concern ourselves more with caring for the children and adults who already exist by ensuring that they have access to essential elements they need to both live and thrive; such as food, shelter, health care, and quality education. Let us concern ourselves more with waging wars on poverty, disease, and illiteracy and end this ridiculous War on Women; it is senseless and it is cruel.

To these misogynists, these pricks who would strip us of our rights and relegate us to the domestic sphere forever chained by the bounds of chattelry, I say, STOP! You do not own me, seriously I am not a piece of property for you to do with as you please. You do not get to decide what happens within my body, to it, on it, or with it because it is mine. You do not get to tell me when, where, how, or if I become a mother, that is my choice because it is my life and it is my body, not yours. I reject the idea that the primary purpose of my, or that any of my fellow women, existence is to bear children. I am more than the sum total of my reproductive organs; I have a mind of my own and I have goals that I long to accomplish. I refuse to bend to the will of men who believe that I am not worthy of the same ownership over my body as they enjoy of theirs. I adamantly and vehemently deny anyone the power to dictate the course my life will take. And until they, the would-be-kings-of-the-world, understand and accept that we women are not their property, that we are not prize heifers to be branded and bred, and until they respect the fact that we are people, actual living and breathing people, who possess the inalienable right to choose what happens to our own bodies, then the war rages on…

To see where your state stands on Women’s Rights, click here.


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