An open letter to Anti-Choicers


Dear Anti-choicers (aka pro-lifers),

Stop. Stop it right now. Yeah, you with your holier-than-thou, pseudo-moralistic, self-righteous stare. Knock it off. Stop trying to dictate the actions, choices,  and lifestyles of consenting adults. You there, who decries the alleged evils of big government, stop supporting people who want to control the lives of consenting individuals. You’re speaking from both sides of your mouth and you sound like a hypocritical dipshit. Oh yeah, I said it. Until you have to deal with ass-nuggets, like yourselves, treating your body like public property, you haven’t a clue what “big government” really is or what it really means to have your rights infringed upon.

Too harsh? Too bad. Quite frankly, I have had enough of you and your lies. You claim to want to “save” the unborn. Great. But what about the already born? Where are you for them? Where are you to save the already living, breathing children, huh? Where are you for the nearly 21,000 children, worldwide, who die from poverty each day? Where are you for the 72 million children, all around the world, who do not have access to education? Where were you for the nearly 2 million children who have, in the past decade, died as a result of war; or the millions more who are living in war-torn nations, in fear of death or injury? There is far more to “saving a life” than merely preventing abortion. And until you’re willing to tackle the horrors of this world that rob the already living of their lives, that inhibits them from having a good life, then you’re not pro-life and you need to stop pretending to be.

In truth the majority of you are anti-choice. You have no desire to preserve life, you merely want to control the bodies of women. I tell you now, stop it! You anti-choicers need to get over yourselves and stop trying to dictate the personal lives of other consenting adults. I demand that you get out of my private life, especially my uterus; it’s mine and your personal beliefs are not welcome in it. It is my life and my choice, in the end it is I who will have to live with the consequences of my actions not you, so go away and leave our bodies alone.

To the anti-choicers out there who are men, I have this to say: It is so easy for you, you who has never and will never be faced with the full responsibility of pregnancy, to act as if you have the right answers. You do not, nor will you ever, know what it is truly like to carry a developing life inside of you and to have to face all of the fear, uncertainty, and (for those of us who choose to become mothers) hope that comes with it. You are free to impregnate and leave, but it is the woman who must, by sheer force of biology, carry the full burden of pregnancy with her. I have been asked by some amongst you why it is that being a man keeps you from having a right to decide? Well let me ask you this, why does being a woman force me to not have a choice as to whether or not I become and/or remain pregnant if I do not want to? Does being a born a woman forever preclude any personal autonomy or right to choose my own destiny?

To all of you anti-choicers I say that unless you have to bear the burden, unless you have to endure the pain, you can take your opinion and cram it. Your personal opinion has no place in my private life, or anyone else’s. You are not my father or my mother, you are not my sister or my brother, you are not my friend, nor are you my husband; therefore what you think I should do with my personal life, with my body, is of no consequence to me and I don’t want you telling me, or the women I know and love, what we can and cannot do with our lives and our bodies.

Karen~ wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and -always- woman.


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      • My husband who can be somewhat shallow said, ” it doesn’t matter what is said, and after all the discussion and arguments, it’s is the woman’s choice, no matter what.” I learned something new that day about him, after twenty years; it made me smile.

  1. Thank you! I have said all of that before in one way or another. I’m so sick and fed up if politicians using this issue every election year. When will it ever end?
    This all boils down to the desire to control women.

  2. Having been on the other side of the coin, I can tell you this: It isn’t the “souls” of the unborn these conservatives are trying to save. They are trying to shame women who DARE to have sex before they are married, before they are ready to have a child, before they can provide for any and all children who are conceived after these women decide to start having sex. They are trying to take us back to a time where a woman who had sex and wasn’t married and trying to have children was STONED to death for daring to be a sexual being.

    They don’t necessarily know it, but that is the future they are working towards. There are those who would idolize the life envisioned in The Handmaid’s Tale.

    I know. I was that person.

    • I don’t agree with that. I’m not concerned about the kids’ souls…I’m concerned about their lives. I’m definitely not trying to shame anyone from what they do in their personal lives.
      My opinion is that sometimes bad things happen, but killing a life shouldn’t be the FIRST option. I think people should consider adoption because there are many people in the world who aren’t able to have kids who would be more than willing to raise and love someone else’s. I would adopt someone’s unwanted child, if it would mean it could survive.
      Shaming people is horribly wrong…please believe that not EVERYONE is like that.

      • You need to read this again, and pay particularly close attention to the parts in which I make it very clear that *your* personal beliefs are *yours* and *yours* alone, and as such you do not have to right to dictate the very personal choices of others. You also need to educate yourself about abortion, particularly the reasons why women choose it; and while you’re at it you also need to learn more about adoption because you seem to be under the impression that the government is just passing out unwanted children, like stray puppies, to whom ever wants one.

        You claim to not be concerned about “the kids’ souls” but their lives. While I think it is swell that you’re concerned about fetuses (honestly, I do), *I* think that your concern should be directed more toward the already born and toward preventing unwanted pregnancies from occurring in the first place rather than trying to make abortions illegal because that won’t stop them from happening, it’ll only make them more dangerous.

        You claim to not want to shame anyone, yet you imply, with your rubbish of a statement about abortion not being the “FIRST option,” that the women who choose to have one do so with ease. It is rarely, if ever, a woman’s “FIRST option.” And even if it is, who the hell are you to decide whether or not she has one? Is it your body? Is it you who will have to go through everything, especially the risk and pain of child birth? No, it’s not. So, unless someone you know asks you for advice, mind your business. Also, you say that you think that “shaming people is horribly wrong,” yet you liken abortion to “killing a life.” Yeah, that’s the epitome of shaming someone, Amber, because you’re implying that they’re killers.

        As I told another person, Paul Parello, as few weeks ago:
        “…you will not change my mind. You people have been trying to force your ideas on everyone else for millennia…Give up and let everyone else be. This letter is not an invitation to debate, it is a statement, a personal affirmation. With it I am drawing the line in the sand, before my person and the persons of my fellow women, and I am telling you that you are not welcome to cross it without our express permission.” In fact, I just refer you to the comments section of this post, just read what I wrote to him. Good night.

      • Thanks for the links…I love learning.
        I never said it should be illegal. I know it’d still happen and that more people would die because of back-alley abortions.
        What about “Safe Haven” laws? That’s an option, other than abortion.

      • Again, what did you miss in the letter? Did you see the part in which I mention women who do not want to remain pregnant at all? Safe Haven laws are great for women who want to give birth and then give away the baby, or for girls who were too afraid to admit to being pregnant and panic; but what about women who got pregnant by force or who simply do not want to be pregnant at all? Safe Haven laws would not work in those situations.

        Great, if you don’t think abortion should be illegal *in any case* then this letter does not apply to you because you would not be anti-choice.

        You’re welcome. I hope they help.

      • I’ve just noticed that a lot of people think that “Pro-Life” automatically means “Anti-Choice” and how some people like to point the finger at “Pro-Choicers” and assume that they’re against life.
        I wish everyone could just get along and stop trying to bring-down the other-side’s values/beliefs.

      • Amber, no one said *all* people who claim to be pro-life are anti-choice. Certain people, particularly those who want to make abortion illegal while simultaneously defunding social programs, supporting war, and promoting the death penalty are *not* pro-life; they are anti-choice. Seriously, did you miss the part where I said, “In truth the majority of you are anti-choice,” huh? Again, pay attention to what is actually being said because your strawmans are beginning to annoy me.

        Also, did you miss the part in my first response to you when I said that you’re not going to change my mind and this is not an invitation to debate? While I certainly wish people, “could just get along,” that will only happen when the anti-choicers stop calling women who use birth control sluts and those who’ve had abortions murders. It is they, not the pro-choicers, who turned this into a battle of words. It is the the anti-choicers who endeavor to enact legislation to force their personal opinions on others, pro-choicers respect the right of people to *choose* what’s right for their own lives. When the anti-choicers learn to extend to the life choices and beliefs of others the same respect they want for their own, then they can kiss my ass.

        This conversation is done now. For whatever reason, you insist on not getting the point. Either you’re incapable of grasping it or you want to change my mind; whatever the reason, you’re opinion is yours keep it that way. If you’re against abortion, then don’t have one. It’s that simple. What is so hard to understand about that? The answer should be, “Nothing.”

  3. You nailed it Karen. As a man, I have realized for a long time that the real issue with these anti-choicers is that they believe that when a woman gets pregnant it’s because she’s been doing “bad things” with her body, and the appropriate punishment is to force her to carry the pregnancy to birth. I know this because, as you pointed out, they don’t care about the already-born children who suffer. I recently had one man I argued with very casually tell me about some woman friend who was raped, became pregnant, and “has a beautiful little girl” which she didn’t abort. That’s great if that’s what she wanted, but it completely ignores the fact that the woman had a crime committed against her person. What if she did not believe she was ready for children?

    • Thank you, L.R.

      Exactly. I just do not understand what makes these people think that they can dictate the choices of others. Why force a women to remain pregnant and become a mother if she does not want to?

      Thank you again for your feed back. 🙂

  4. Awesome. Absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have written this better myself. There’s nothing more for me to add here, just want to say thank you.

  5. Until every child is a wanted child, we have no right to force more to be born. And if the GOP guts Obamacare, we will be in the same position as that very Catholic Country, Italy in the 30’s, where women gave birth in the fields and buried their still breathing babies because they couldn’t afford to feed them. Oh Except for Romney and his crew, who will force your to give your babies to THEIR church

    • Thank you!

      I am so pleased that so many people have responded so positively to this piece. It gives me hope that women’s rights will be protected and, perhaps, furthered.

  6. Thank you! Thank you very much for saying that – I just couldn’t think up the words myself. You phrased it JUST RIGHT. If you don’t mind, I’ll be copying this and giving to a few anti-choice people myself.

  7. You mentioned your private life. What about not killing the ‘private’ life of the unborn child? Also you mentioned ”holier-than-thou’ critical dipshits not helping the poor. I feel like this may be referring to Christians. I think you will find that many pro-lifers in fact have dedicated their lives to helping the poor, I’ll let you google that. I also find it sad the someone with a different belief can’t be your friend (as you mentioned in article). You say there is far more to saving a life than merely preventing abortion and I totally agree, not aborting that life is a good start to saving that life. You also say “You do not, nor will you ever, know what it is truly like to carry a developing life inside of you and to have to face all of the fear, uncertainty, and (for those of us who choose to become mothers) hope that comes with it.” I also totally agree with you. You as a woman have been given a huge responsibilty to carry a life, as you say, developing inside of you.

    Sincerly, Mr. “Ass Nugget” (Ill pretend its a cute little donkey)..Who feels taking a life is also called murder.

    • First, I never said someone with different beliefs cannot be my friend, what I said that *you* (as in a random person whom I do not know) are not my friend, therefore you have no stake, no real investment in my life. As such what you think I should do in my life is of no consequence to me.
      Also, I said “most” people who claim to be pro-life actually are not because *most* of them also happen to be anti-welfare, pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-gun, and anti-international aid. Therefore they’re not truly pro-life, they’re merely anti-choice. For example, just the other day I had an argument with a “pro-lifer” who believed that the nation of Uganda has a right to kill gay people and that the US and UN have no right to intervene. Does that sound “pro-life” to you? It does not to me.

      If *you* support all of the good works done via tax dollar, if you’re not pro-war and pro-death penalty, if you want harsher laws for molesters and rapers of children, if you do what you can to help others then I am not calling *you* a hypocrite. I still think you have no right to force others to think as you think, but at least you would value life at all stages and not just when it’s developing in the womb. And no, I do not mean Christians, if I did I would have said so; no, I mean anyone who tries to tell other consenting adults how to live their lives while simultaneously doing nothing to help make the world a better place for children. I happen to know many Christians who actually live by the teachings of Jesus; who, by the way, never said anything about abortion.

      As for the unborn “child” inside, I suggest you learn more about human biology and fetal development. I suggest that you research fetal viability. Until a fetus reaches that point, the point at which survival without use of a woman’s body it is possible, then it is not a life; rather, it is a potential life. If you think that has more value, or the same value, as an actual, already developed, and born life then that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. What you are not untitled to do is to force your person belief, a belief that is not based on biological scientific evidence, on others. If *you* think it is murder, then don’t have one…Oh wait, that’s right, you’re a man so you’ll never have to be in the position to face any of this yourself.

      If anti-choicers put as much energy into preventing unwanted pregnancy as they do into stopping a pregnant woman, who does not want to be a mother, from having an abortion then you could truly prevent abortion. If you’re serious, you wouldn’t try and make abortion illegal, which will not stop abortion but make it unsafe for the woman, potentially causing her death; rather you’d be fighting for access to birth control, comprehensive sex education, RISUG, and improved social programs for women who are unwed, young, and/or poor, who would otherwise keep the pregnancy if not for worries that they cannot support the child that might result. Instead you stand by and call women murderers, whores, and a slew of other horrible names. What does any of this solve? Have you, with your hateful judgments and cruel words prevented a single abortion?

      You clearly took offense to this. Good. That was my intent. For millennia women have endure humiliation and offensive language. We’ve been held responsible for the fall of humanity, the defeat of kingdoms, and (if you listen to Limbaugh) the end of western civilization as we know it. We’ve been bought and sold as property, our sole purpose to bring a *man’s* children into this world; children who were, until the 20th century, when women finally began to gain personal autonomy, considered the property of the father. If a woman left her husband, she lost her children, all access to them could be denied, as well. When women fought for and finally got access to birth control, we were called whores and baby-killers. When we fought for and got access to safe abortions, we were called murders and whores. People, like you (“pro-lifer” and male) have been calling women terrible things for as far back as recorded history can be traced. But one of them gets angry and gives you a does of your own medicine and you respond by implying that she’s a murderer. Good job.

      And you wonder why I am so angry? I am sick of you people treating women like their lives, lives that are already established, are of less value than something that is not yet living. Something that will likely, assuming it reaches full-term, come into this world and suffer greatly for the inaction of those who forget all about it once it is born.

      The funny thing is that, personally, I am pro-life. But personally is the operative word here. I would love to live in a world in which every fetus would one day develop and be born into this world wanted and loved, and that the resulting child would not have to fear starvation, poverty, war, malnutrition, death, molestation, physical or emotional abuse. However, I understand that I live in this world, a world filled with horrible people and horrible things. Life is about living, and when we can ensure that every fetus will actually get to live once it is born, then I will not dare to even suggest to other women, who are either unable or unwilling to become mothers, what they should or should not do. Instead, I will support her decision, be her shoulder to cry on if need be, and I will fight for social justice so that, hopefully, one day the world I wish existed might actually exist. I also understand that I live in a democratic society, as such I understand that this requires me to respect the personal autonomy of other consenting adults. Unless their actions will directly impact my life or the life of my loved ones, I have no right to dictate their actions. I can voice my opinion. I can say, “Hey, I think what you are doing is wrong,” but I cannot *force* them to do as I suggest.

      Thank you for your comment, Paul, even if most of it was typical anti-choice drivel.

      Woman who still thinks you need to mind your business.

      • Thanks for the reply and letting me post. You mention biology.
        As far as observable science is concerned, human development/life begins at conception.
        Read more: Life in the Womb – Abortion Facts
        There are many pro-life organizations that strive to educate and help women not condemn them.

        I didn’t intend to point the finger at someone who has committed an abortion and call them a murderer. You mentioned pro-lifers calling them derogatory names and I understand your justified anger. This is horrible, unfortunately humans on both sides of the argument tend to get riled up and start the name calling. It does get frustrating.. But the fact is everyone falls short of holiness. I certainly fall way way way short and deserve hell as much as anyone. Fortunately Jesus has paid the penalty for all of our blunders, mistakes and sins, by living a perfectly holy life, dieing on the cross and conquering death, giving us all the opportunity to have eternal life if we admit that we are sinners and need his forgiveness. So there’s a shameless gospel plug. 😉

        My business as a follower of Jesus Christ is to stand up for what is right and stand against what is wrong. Not by this worlds standards and societies made up standards but by Gods.

      • Development. As I said. Development. Understand? Conception is the point at which the potential for a new human begins, but until the point of viability it cannot reasonably be considered alive. See the links I provided below.

        When you say that abortion is murder, you are calling those who have had one, or those who support a woman’s right to chose, murderers, Paul.

        Good for you. Stand for what you think is right, but when it comes to things like abortion or gay marriage, what is right and what is wrong is a matter of personal choice. So when it comes to such things, do what you think is right in your own life. Your religion and your beliefs are yours and yours alone; they have no place legislating the personal lives of other adults. Freedom of religion means only that you have right to worship as you see fit, it is not a green light to impose theocracy on others. Your business as a follower of Christ is to live your life according to Jesus’ teachings. Since he said nothing about abortion, I see no reason why you feel the need to make an issue of it.

        The point, Paul, since you missed it, is that you do not have the right to force your personal beliefs on others; especially in situations in which no living, breathing person is being harmed. If you want to believe, despite the evidence (and no, your link does not count; you need a scholarly source, and that is not it), that the act of living begins at conception, then have it. No one is telling you what to believe, it’s your life. We’re merely demanding the same, which is the right to choose our own paths.,39

      • And, for the record, you will not change my mind. You people have been trying to force your ideas on everyone else for millennia…Give up and let everyone else be. This letter is not an invitation to debate, it is a statement, a personal affirmation. With it I am drawing the line in the sand, before my person and the persons of my fellow women, and I am telling you that you are not welcome to cross it without our express permission.

        Also, you’re welcome. I respect your right to believe as you wish, but I neither respect nor appreciate the efforts being made by anti-choicers to force such personal beliefs on others.

  8. I had 3 preschool age children and a dying husband when I realized I was pregnant. I will be forever grateful that it was MY choice whether to continue the pregnancy. Every woman deserves, and should be trusted with, that decision.

    • Cate, thank you for sharing. I can only begin to imagine what a hard time that must have been for you, facing all of that. I saddens me to think that there are people who would heap harsh and cruel judgments on top of the sorrow you were already enduring.

  9. I loved the essay; I very much enjoyed your comments to Paul Parello Jr. I think people of faith would do far better to live by their beliefs in the world as it is than try to change the world to reflect their beliefs. People have to have choices; lack of choices is called slavery.

  10. Your original commentary was brilliant but now I can’t decide if I like that one more than I like the follow-up to Paul’s comments! I’m glad he commented (even though it was painfully predictable from the first sentence!) because it really opened up a chance for you to elaborate on a few of the key topics. Someone else said she just couldn’t think up the words herself; that’s how I’ve always felt, too. I’ve always known there was a disconnect between the “anti-choicers” (love that word!) and their crusade to save the “lives” of the unborn only to then drop them like a hot potato once they have breathed their first breath. It’s always pissed me off and I’ve never been able to put the words together eloquently enough to get my point across. So, thank you for this; for speaking the minds of so many women who, like me, just haven’t known how to say what we’ve all needed to say. 🙂

    Cindy – Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Woman

    • Cindy, thank you. I am so glad that so many people, women and men alike, have responded so well to this. I admit that when I wrote this is was feeling rather despondent. Between the comments of the the likes of Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and Tom Smith and the fact that many of the anti-choice candidates are actually pulling ahead (albeit by small margins) in the polls of several states despite the GOP’s official platform on women’s rights (no abortion, even if raped) had me feeling both sad and angry. This was the result. Thanks to the overwhelming support, the vast majority of which has been positive, my spirits have been lifted; I am still sad and angry that my fellow women are being treated in this manner, but I am also now hopeful because perhaps we can win this war that has been declared on us. 🙂

      So I must thank you, and all who have read, shared, and commented on this for showing me that all is not lost. Not yet. Not by a long shot. We’ve faced this ugly beast of misogyny before and won. We can, and we will, defeat it again.

  11. Thanks for putting it in writing so well. I too am so sick of others trying to impose their views or religious beliefs on ME and MY LIFE! I am so happy you handed them a big can of “BUTT-OUT,MYOB!”

  12. As a proud Mama,I just have to speak up here. Murder is Murder, be it a 30 year old or an unborn fetus/baby. If a woman does not want children, so be it. So called child is probably better off. But there are alternatives … Besides murder,.adoption being one.

    • While you’re entitled to your opinion, calling it murder, as I explained to Paul, also calls those who do it murderers. Murder is a malicious, premeditated, and unlawful killing of another human being (which a fetus cannot be logically argued to be until the point of viability is reached). Moreover, it’s extremely cruel to accuse a woman who has been raped of murder. Hasn’t she endured enough cruelty and inhumane treatment at the hands of her violater? Must she also be made to endure your heartless judgments as well?

      As a mother, I ask you what being one has to do with anything outside of your own family? How does being a mother give you the right to be so condescending and judgmental toward other women? Who are you to decide what is the right choice for other women? Who are you to say what other options she must choose? Who are you to tell another women that she must remain pregnant, endure the pain and risk of birth, for a child she does not want?
      As for you claim that adoption is a better choice, tell that to all of the children languishing in foster care awaiting a home and parents to love them (see first link). Why would you want to subject a child to lifetime of neglect? How is being unloved, unwanted, abandoned, and often abused, better than never being born at all? Are you going to give these children a loving home?

      You anti-choicers always think you have the right answers, yet you know very little about the reality of it all, of the very real and often horrible situations in which women find themselves when they’re making this choice. Stop trying to dictate the lives and actions of others; you’re not winning anyone over. You’re only making the rest of us resent you. You will not stop abortions from occurring. So instead of belittling and condemning women for the choices that they make, instead of trying to make abortion illegal (which will only make it unsafe for women), why not put your time and energy toward making comprehensive sex education a requirement in public schools and ensuring that women of all ages have access to birth control? While you’re at it, why not fight to have RISUG (see second link) made available in the US? And why not fight for harsher laws and longer prison sentences for rapists? The best why to stop abortion is not to pass self-righteous judgments or laws, rather it’s to prevent unplanned/unwanted pregnancy before they occur.

  13. Another good way of saying it, if you’re tired of explaining things to asshats who won’t listen:

    “F— off and leave me alone. I don’t care what you think. I’m going to have an abortion whether you like it or not.”

    • And she’s 100% right, too. Just look at what the GOP is doing with birth control, in many states they’re trying to limit a woman’s access to it or pass laws that will require her to purchase additional insurance to cover it. Yet, Viagra is readily available to any man who wants/needs it.

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  15. as a “seasoned” pediatric nurse, i have always said you cant fix a kid after you break it. you also cant fix a kid without helping the parent. a sin in my playbook is a little kid without a daily meal or a roof. most moms who need help can get a minimum wage job…but getting there, paying day care costs, etc. not feasible. rich old white men have never understood how the burden primarily falls on the women.

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  17. I am not conservative and I am mostly socialist. BUT I am also a christian. And I have always been against abortion. I don’t give a shit about your body and what you do with it. I feel that once a fetus is a fetus it is human. I can see the problems inherant in the question of abortion but as I am also mentally ill I resent that anyone could say that they didn’t want me to live “for my own sak” That is not your decision to makee. Thta’s bullshit. I agree with a lot of what you say and I think people who want to giove up their kid for adoption should be supported financially, BUT this is not about YOUR body. This is about a life, this is about another human beings body. I am not one of those who call people murderers or kill abortion docs, but to twist my personal opinion to suit your way of looking at people against abortion is as twisted as conservative views.

    • You’re entitled to *your* opinion, Anne. But *your* opinion is *yours* and *yours* alone. If you want to believe that a fetus is alive in the same sense as living, breathing people; that is fine…For you. But what right to do you have to force your personal believes on others? The answer, Anne is none at all. Make the decisions that are right for you and stop being self-righteous and judgmental.

      Who said that *you* should have been aborted for your own sake? Where was that said? Nice strawman, Anne. Moreover, whether or not you are a socialist or a Christian bears no relevance here; not part of my statement at all. You really like that strawman, heh?

      In what way is my view twisted, Anne? How have I twisted your personal beliefs? Judging from your comment to me, clearly you think that you have the right to determine what is right for other people. Clearly you think that the body of the woman is less valuable than the developing fetus that will be using her body. Clearly you place as much, if not more, value on a potential life than the already existing life. Really, all you managed to do was re-affirm my position and convince me that you’re an anti-choicer.

      You seem to think that this is about you. You anti-choicers always do. You refuse to see life through the experiences of those whose actions you so harshly judge. You “don’t give a shit about [my] body” (your words), you don’t care about my experiences, you only care about your beliefs and about making others live by them. Never mind the situation in which the woman finds herself; never mind that she might have been raped, have health problems, be single and unable to care for a child, or simply not be ready to take on the responsibility of it all.

      I do agree that adoption should be easier and better funded. Nevertheless, I do not, regardless of my personal opinions, have the right to force a woman to endure the risks and pain of pregnancy and birth if she does not want to any more than I have to right to force you to agree with me. That’s the difference between pro-choice and anti-choice. The former wants all options to be available to women so that they can make the best possible choice for themselves and their families; whereas the latter just wants to tell others what to do with no regard for the life of the woman whose actions they aim to control.

      Good day to you.

      • Also, as I told Paul Parello Jr a few days ago:
        This letter is not an invitation to debate, it is a statement, a personal affirmation. With it I am drawing the line in the sand, before my person and the persons of my fellow women, and I am telling you that you are not welcome to cross it without our express permission….I respect your right to believe as you wish, but I neither respect nor appreciate the efforts being made by anti-choicers to force such personal beliefs on others.

    • There is a simple solution to this. If you, Anne, don’t feel it is morally ok to have an abortion, then don’t have one. But it is also morally unjust to tell someone what to do with their lives (not just their bodies are affected by an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy)

      Adoption isn’t always a solution nor is it a stop all. How many unwanted children sit waiting for a forever home now? If you are pro-life, as you say, then you would think of the living.

    • Thank you so much! I am so glad you both liked this and agreed with it. 🙂

      So, sorry for the late response by the way…My life just sort of took a turn for the insanely busy. I promise, I do have a new post in the works, which will be available soon.

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