Why Deny It?


This is an excerpt from a conversation on a friend’s status update on Facebook. My friend had commented about it being 60 degrees in February. Below is one person’s comment and my response to that comment:
“Is it that time of year already when people from one side of the GW debate go ‘See!!!! Look at how low\high the temp is! If this doesn’t prove that GW is fake\real, nothing will!’ already?”
My response to him:
As opposed to what other time of the year? Perhaps the one in which *some* (^^) people choose to deny a scientific fact?
Climate change is 100% real, it’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of *fact.*




While it is true that there is a difference between climate and weather, they are not mutually exclusive. In other words, climate effects weather…Weather is what happens in the short term and is based upon the region in which you live and its climate; if you live in the Tundra, frigid temperatures and excessive snowfall are the norm; if you live in a subtropic area, then hot to mild weather with moderate to heavy rainfall are the norm.



The point that you seem to be missing, is that just because it is cold where you are doesn’t mean that it being warm here is not indicative of climate change. You see, the way climate change works is that it alters the overall climate of the planet and its various regions, which in turn disrupts normal weather patterns in those regions over increasingly prolonged and frequent periods of time. In other words, some areas of the world will experience increasing instances of warmer/unseasonal weather, while others will experience increasing instances of colder/unseasonal weather. For example, the northeast has been experiencing increasingly warmer seasons with erratic precipitation, while the southeast has been experiencing cooler falls and winters than they typically see. Climate change also increases the occurrences and intensity of storms, like tornadoes and hurricanes. And this is all occurring *because* the overall temperature of the planet is increasing as a result of human action, of which CO2 production is just one factor; others are soot, methane, and chemical run off from commercial farms that create “dead zones” in the oceans.





Climate change is a fact, and human action is exacerbating. Its effects are very real and detrimental to the health and viability of the ecosystems of this planet; ecosystems on which we rely for survival. The negative impacts of climate change go far beyond merely changing weather patterns in various regions; it also increases the rates of disease and famine, in part because of changes in precipitation but also because of a growth in insect populations. You see, without the freezing temperatures of winter in areas like the northeast that have relatively high water tables, the larva of mosquitoes, most of which die off in frigid temperatures, will live; thus increasing the number of disease spreading mosquitoes in summer months. The same is true for ground pests, like grubs that eat produce; without frigid temperatures to kill the larva that lay dormant in the ground, there will be more garden pests to kill crops, thus decreasing the amount of food available.


The balance of life is rather delicate. Please do some research on this subject before you act like you know what’s what.


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