Religion vs. Faith


I was once asked to explain what I thought was the difference between religion and faith. This is what I said:
We are told that faith is the path less traveled. If this is true, then religion and faith are like two paths in the woods. One is wide and well worn, the other is narrow and riddled with roots that trip and thorns that scratch. To take the safer path requires no risk on our part and demonstrates a lack of trust in God. However, to take the dangerous path requires risk and strength of character, because it requires trust. Faith requires us to trust that it’s ok to fall, and that when we do all we need do is clean our wounds and continue onward. Faith requires us to trust that the first fall will not be the only one, and to trust that when we have fallen too many times to walk anymore, it’s okay to crawl. But, most of all, Faith requires us to trust that when we are no longer able to crawl, Jesus will carry us home. So, the difference between Religion and Faith, from what I can tell, is a difference between safety and risk; between distrust and trust.

About Karen

1) I speak my mind. Sure, sometimes it drives people away, but I'd rather regret the things I've said than the things I haven't. 2) I'm a Progressive Liberal, which means people and the planet matter to me. 3) I'm a woman (this needs no further explanation).

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